Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers in New York is where YOU can transform your passion for beauty into a career that lasts a lifetime. With several accredited beauty programs for you to choose from, we can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Have an interest in hair? Skin? Makeup? Something else altogether? We’re here to help you make it happen!


The education at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers is broken up into three main programs with additional smaller courses that you can choose to enroll in as well. Here are the programs you can choose from:

Hairdressing & Cosmetology

The Hairdressing & Cosmetology Program is where you can learn the fundamentals needed to become a licensed cosmetologist. The program is 1,000 hours long, and can teach you the basics of hair, nails, makeup, and skin care to prepare you for the New York state licensing exam.

Esthetics & Make-up

The Esthetics & Make-up Program is a 600 hour program where our students can learn about the rapidly growing skincare industry, ranging from facials and waxing to aromatherapy and makeup application. Students can become licensed estheticians after they have completed the program and by passing the New York State licensing exam.

MUD Beauty Essentials

The MUD Beauty Essentials Program is our shortest program at only 84 hours, and it allows students to dive quickly into the world of professional makeup artistry. Students can earn a certificate of formal training in makeup after completing this program, which can help them build a career on makeup.

Get the Support You Need

Beauty school can be challenging enough when you are balancing work, family, and school all at the same time. The last thing you need is to feel stressed about making ends meet while you’re in school! Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers is an accredited beauty school, which means that financial aid is available for those who qualify. Students may also be eligible for things like Pell grants, VA benefits, scholarships, and more. Our staff can help you navigate the financial aid process and help you by finding the right program for your goals!

Contact us today to learn more about what you can become at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers in New York!