Capri's History

Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers is more than just a school. It’s where you come to grow into an industry leader.

Our History

In 1961, Frank Molinari and Helmut Muenster opened their first cosmetology school in Clifton, NJ. Eight years later, their chain of schools had grown to become one of the largest in the Northeast.

But Mr. Molinari had a vision of a different type of Learning Experience and set out on his own to establish a school dedicated to teaching not just Beauty School Graduates but, Professional Cosmetologists and Estheticians! Better Educated, Better Trained, Better Prepared and Confident in their Skills. His school, which is no longer associated with the Capri schools in New Jersey, has been attracting students from around the world.

In 1990, after running two successful salons and working with the best schools and salons in Europe and the United States, Anthony Fiore joined the Capri faculty. Soon after he purchased Capri from Mr. Molinari. In 2001, Capri moved from Spring Valley N.Y. to a more modern and convenient location in Nanuet which had be expanded in 2010 to meet the demand of increased enrollment in both Cosmetology and Esthetics. Capri Cosmetology Learning Center opened it’s Newburgh Campus 2007 with programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Specialty.

Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers Mission Statement is to create a place where people can come” To Improve themselves and their Quality of Life through Education”. Since it’s inception, our values have not changed. Our Graduates have a reputation in the Industry as the Elite! Our Motto ” Through These Halls Walk the Future of Our Industry” is what we believe in. Capri’s Graduates have gone on to work in high profile salons and spas, in the movie or television industry or to own their own businesses. We have too many success stories to tell about here, but we would like to share with you what we think has contributed to the success of our graduates. Our integrity and professional reputation are impeccable!

“The Instructors at Capri made us look above and beyond our expectations. It wasn’t just haircutting, it was creativity and design. They prepared me for the high standards here at Fekkai.”

Jeanna Mirante

Stylist at Frederic Fekkai Co. NYC


CARING. Whether it is for our students, our staff, our clients or our graduates, the heart and soul of our company has been and always will be, that we care for the individual. Education is a caring profession. Teaching is about caring and a willingness to give to you. No other industry in the world must care as much as the education industry.

ALWAYS ON THE MOVE. Since the beginning, Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers has sought out the newest and the latest in relation to fashion, techniques, products, staff training, curriculums, student training aids, etc. Our trips to Europe have created an atmosphere for our students, staff and clients that is not found in any other company. The newest concepts in Cosmetology, Esthetics and Beauty are always being tested. We pride ourselves on what we have accomplished and share it always with everyone involved or a part of Capri.

PREPARES THE STUDENT. How well a student is trained will directly affect the rest of the career. That is why our students have a better chance at success than most others. Students that train at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers become designers of hair, makeup and nails. By training our students with the latest in design elements, techniques, design principles, job skills, and products have benefited our industry as well as our clients. We offer programs that we feel exceed the minimum requirements of Cosmetology and Esthetics schools in New York or any other state and implement curriculums that get our students on the fast track to success. We can get the right student “Salon Ready” if the are willing. They will have the ability to take this knowledge and make a life for themselves that they never dreamed possible.

RISES TO THE OCCASION. Our staff and students have been published in many magazines, newspapers. Their work can be seen on television and in movies as well as in a salon. Many have become salon and spa owners. Many have created their own line of beauty products or work with leading companies in Beauty and Fashion. Capri Cosmetology has trained 13 International Champions and has won many state and local awards. Won the Presidents Award for Excellance by Repechage and named ” School of the Year “in 2014. Capri Cosmetology staff and students are involved in local and national charity work by donating their time and money.

IS DIFFERENT. Ordinary we are not. Beauty school is the old. We are a full Cosmetology and Esthetics Learning Center. Our students produce workmanship that rivals the work done in salons and spas. Our staff is trained better and our people and commitment to our students is what makes us the best.